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This is a rather science-fictiony looking thing for a fantasy game.

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Maybe kinda silly wish-fulfillment-y Steins;Gate headcanon below the cut, Steins;Gate spoilers are discussed freely underneath the cut

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I’m pretty sure that if yew go back to the part where world lines are described, they say that they’re a hypothetical / theoretical paradigm to make thinking about them easier, and that they’re not actually something yew can jump between.

Awesomenauts’s new blind ish sho… blinding. O.O

These Ascalonian wine bottles actually break and turn into broken bottles that cause bleeding after you attack a foe with them once!

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Whaa~ This ship’s master chef ish a Skritt? I get why its jeweler ish a Skritt, since they like shinies and stuff, but its chef? o.o

It turns out that this Order of Whispers NPC actually has an extra conversation option for members of their order, and that it doesn’t show up at all for other people! In fact, they wouldn’t even have any idea! :o

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We’re fighting an army. Just look at all their health bars.

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I wonder if this can help me get started writing Plunge again. ^^;


We’ve decided to just start trying out this sketching project. Plunge’s chapters one and two are already available for reading, but we’ll be making sketches of them to get started!

Guild Wars 2 has the most unique looking air elementals ever. They look almost like electric spiders or scorpions.

The Captain’s Airship Pass’s airship ish kinda small and its windy noises are kinda annoying, but it really ish kinda cozy the way eberyfing ish right next to each other! ^^

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Moar AoEs pwease? This fractal already takes too long~

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Broomstick party! :3

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Lion’s Arch actually has looters! :o

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This smoke and fire ish really pwetty!

You don’t lose Ultra Rapid Fire. You get second place.